We manufacture and supply all kinds of SLA batteries (AGM, GEL, AGM-GEL, Pb-C), rechargeable Li-ion battery and flooded battery used for motive (Electrical bicycle/Tricycle, EV, HEV, forklift, electrical tools/toys, etc.)

Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading deep cycle battery, rechargeable battery, lithium ion, silicone gel, gel battery manufacturers in China, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy discount deep cycle battery, and you are also welcomed to check the price and quotation with our factory.Chilwee has invested a huge number of fund on technology innovation, production equipment innovation, environmental protection equipment innovation, and Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd was one of the first batch of battery manufacturers who had been passed the national environmental protection inspection in 2011.

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Leading brand in Chinese wheel loader and forklift manufacturing.