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Chilwee factory

Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd

(Also known as "CHILWEE") is the largest lead acid battery manufacturer in China and ranks No. 30 of the global top 500 new energy enterprise 2015. We have eight production bases with over 20,000 employees producing about 200 million batteries in 2015. 

We manufacture and supply all kinds of SLA batteries (AGM, GEL, AGM-GEL, Pb-C), rechargeable Li-ion battery and flooded battery used for motive (Electrical bicycle/Tricycle, EV, HEV, forklift, electrical tools/toys, etc.), renewable energy storage (solar, wind etc.), reserve (telecom, UPS, emergency lighting, security system etc.) and motorcycle. We can also supply electrical bicycles, tricycles, related accessories as well as technical support for new factory establishment.


The product portfolio of Zhejiang Hundred Industrial covers motive power batteries and energy storage batteries including electric bicycle/tricycle batteries, electric vehicles batteries and solar/wind power energy storage batteries with the technologies of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Gel type and Lithium Ion Type. Zhejiang Hundred Industrial is also developing Automobile Start-Stop batteries through the cooperation with the industry-leading company, Moll Batteries, Germany. Additionally, Chilwee is also developing many new technologies, i.e. super capacitor, lead carbon batteries, etc

Research&Development Capability

Innovation is always the genes of Zhejiang Hundred Industrial Culture. Since the establishment of Zhejiang Hundred Industrial, we have been loyally initiating and implementing the orientation and mission of "Green energy perfecting human life".Zhejiang Hundred Industrial has been insisting on a development path of technology innovation and development, and have been paid a lot of attention on building of scientific research platform and an efficient scientific and technological talents group. Zhejiang Hundred Industrial has established National Post-Doctor Scientific Research Workstation, National Key Laboratory, Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute, and Provincial High&New Technology Development Center, and Zhejiang Hundred Industrial also strengthen the development progress of another three National Scientific Research institutions, i.e    National Enterprise Technology Center, National Enterprise Key Laboratory, and Environment Protection Engineering Technology Research Center. Currently,Zhejiang Hundred Industrial scientific research institutions have already had 1850 sets advanced equipment and devices including XRD Diffractometer, Scanning Electron Microscope, Direct Reading Spectrometer, and Laser Particle Analyzer, etc

Zhejiang Baiming Network Technology Co., Ltd

No.12 Zhizhou Ave.,Zhicheng New Industrial Park,Changxing County,Zhejiang Province,China,313100

Tel:+86 13175008615


Email: sunny@chilweebattery.com