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How to Choose the Right Battery

Calculation method:


Add the total power of the device

For example, the total power of the washing machine = scrubbing brush motor power + suction motor power + drive motor power

Total power of the device voltage of the device = number of currents during discharge

Number of currents during discharge × equipment hours required = battery capacity that meets the requirements

Remarks: Due to the volume of the battery compartment of the equipment, the battery may not meet your requirements (because of the large capacity of the battery), so you can only choose the large capacity battery to meet the demand.

Choose the right channel:


Consult with companies engaged in the battery industry

It is well known that automakers do not produce tires and accumulators. Refrigerator manufacturers do not produce electricity. Cleaner equipment manufacturers and distributors also do not produce batteries. They do not have the expertise in accumulators. As far as we know, some of the cleaning equipment vendors offer start-up batteries or backup power batteries to the user (which may be the reason they don't understand). The battery has been used for 3 months and the usage time has been greatly shortened or even failed. Other vendors do not guarantee the battery.

Note: The seller of the cleaning equipment can only sell the machine without the battery and the charger, and don't mistake the use of their battery and the charger (the battery and the charger and cleaning equipment are completely two industries) .

Consult with companies engaged in power batteries

As far as we know, some users go to the auto parts market to buy start-up batteries. Sellers engaged in automotive start-up batteries generally do not understand power-type batteries, and even if they understand that they are out of stock, they usually need to order, and then they transfer goods to companies specializing in power batteries. In addition, the company of the power battery is equipped with a smart charger to ensure the service life of the battery.


201901021540041612630.pngIf the price is too low, it is definitely a start-up battery or a normal charger.

The capacity of the battery depends on the area of the internal active material, and the main component of the lead-acid battery is lead. 

The specific gravity of lead is 11.36g/cm3, so the larger the volume, the larger the capacity. In addition, if the nominal capacity of different manufacturers is the same, the weight is higher. In the normal case, the heavier the data, the more accurate the data.