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What we usually call "maintenance-free battery" is not really "maintenance-free", but rather that the battery does not need to be charged under normal conditions. The maintenance-free batteries on some cars are also equipped with a temperature-compensated hydrometer that indicates the storage state of the battery and the height of the electrolyte level. 

When the indicator eye of the hydrometer is green, it indicates that the charging is sufficient, the battery is normal; when the indicator green point is little or black, it indicates that the battery needs to be charged; when the indicator eye shows light yellow, it indicates that there is a fault inside the battery, it needs to be repaired. Or replace it.

The specific gravity of the electrolyte drops below 1.200; the discharge in winter exceeds 25%; the discharge in summer exceeds 50%; the light is dim; the start is weak, and when the above occurs, charging is required.

Some people think that fast charging can save time and only takes 3-5 hours. In fact, fast charging only activates the surface of the battery quickly, but in fact the internal battery is not fully charged.

In addition to fast charging, there is also a kind of slow charging, charging time is 10-15 hours, those who are deeply deficient in the battery must be slowly charged, otherwise the charging time is not enough, the amount of charging is insufficient, which directly affects the driving performance of the car. 


In summer, the temperature is high, and the performance of the electric vehicle will fluctuate compared with the normal temperature. Therefore, experts recommend that the electric vehicle should be well maintained during this season. In the process of charging and charging, pay attention to the matters needing attention.

For high temperatures, electric vehicles are strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to expose electric vehicles to the sun under high temperature;It is strictly forbidden to charge with electric vehicle charger at high temperature;

Do not charge immediately after driving at high temperatures.

When using it, pay attention to prevent the charging time from being too long, otherwise it will easily cause the battery to lose water, bulge and so on, and even catch fire.

There is also the need to connect the charger to the electric vehicle when charging the electric vehicle with the electric vehicle charger, and then connect the charger to the power supply. If the order is reversed, it is easy to cause a short circuit.

In order to prevent spontaneous combustion, keep the ventilation during charging. Because the temperature is relatively high, the electric vehicle charger itself will also heat up when charging, thus reducing the temperature of the electric vehicle and the charger. Also, don't put the charger on the pedal of the electric car when charging, put it on the ground, otherwise the temperature of the charger is too high, and the plastic and plastic are easy to spontaneously ignite.