'Old petty thief' lock-picking tools designed to steal electric vehicle batteries

Date:Apr 20, 2016

Daily News (reporter Wu Jing photography) 35 years old man Chung by police several times for theft remained unrepentant, fresh out of prison early and begin to dry up "old-time". Since "experience", whose modus operandi is to bring professional lock-picking tools, will usually be "scored". But the mills on April 17 when committing it again undercover unit by longhua, Haikou Public Security Bureau caught a current.
0:30 A.M. on April 17, three players received the squadron reported clues, said 42nd North Xinhua road paving the doorway there is suspicious activity. Patrolling plainclothes team members arrived on the scene in less than two minutes. And man who was stealing Chung captured. "When we arrived, he was stealing, because an electric car owners against a strong sense, suspect pry the cushion and found the battery there is also a chain fixed, give up the crime, he must pry the suspects after the second EVS, plainclothes members of collecting evidence has been fully achieved. ”


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