12V100ah Sealed-Lead-Acid Gel Battery for Golf-Carts/Boats/Electric-Vehicles/Electric-Wheelchairs

Date:Feb 06, 2021

12V100ah Sealed-Lead-Acid Gel Battery for Golf-Carts/Boats/Electric-Vehicles/Electric-Wheelchairs

High-Temp Deep cycle GEL 12V/6V/8V Battery 

 High-Temp Deep Cycle Solar gel battery, own 15-20years long life, your best partner for solar market and hot area. 

They are designed with advanced patented GEL technology, Long service life designed with 15-20 years, 50% DOD 1500-1600 Cycles, the batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as IEC60896-21/22, BS6290-4, Eurobat Guide. 

Deep Cycle GEL Batteries 12V100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah most popular models Advanced Features:

? Environmentally friendly         ? Completely Maintenance-Free        ?Non-Spillable construction design.   

? Wide Operating Temperature Range(-20°C~+60°C)         ? Longer Life(20years designed life)          ? Explosion Proof  

? Valve Regulated & High Discharge Rate Capability         ? Low Self Discharge         ? Independent of Position

? Ease of Shipment         ? No need of balanced charge or boost         ? No Memory 

Chinese Best Quality Solar GEL Battery Applications:

? Communication equipment ? Telecommunication control equipment ? Emergency lighting systems   ? Electric power systems ? Power station

? Nuclear power station ? Solar powered and wind powered systems  ? Load leveling and storage equipment  ?  Marine equipment  ? Power generation plants

? Alarm systems ?Uninterruptible power supplies and stand-by power for computers ? Medical equipment  ? Fire and security systems ? Control equipment

? Stand-by electric power.



       ? Long life and supper stability under high temp. environment        ? Electrolyte immobilized as gel state, no leakage and no stratification.

       ? Supper deep cycle life at high temperature                                     ? Use supper-C additives:Deep discharge recovery capability

       ? Supper PSOC cycling performance

CSBattery Product Structure 


       ? Positive plate : Thick high Sn low Ca 3D flat pasted plate                ? Negative plate : Balanced Pb-Ca grid and AM with Supper-C addtives

        ? Separator : Imported Amer-sil PVC separator for Gel battery        ? Electrolyte : nano GEL electrolyte                                                                   

        ? Battery container and cover : ABS for higher temperature             ? Pillar seal : 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal           

        ? Relief valve : Complete with integrated flame arrestor

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