48V Rechargeable Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Date:Feb 16, 2021

48v Rechargeable Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Product Feature and Advance: 

Performance:high voltage and light weight make motors acceleration speed performance better

High-quality built-in battery management system to protect the battery from short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent.

Waterproof and sturdy plastic shell, which can be installed in most locations, has the functions of anti-vibration and anti-shock, and has small size and light weight.

USB port can charge mobile phones or other devices; convenient charging port and discharge port; with on / off switch power button

The battery pack uses high-quality batteries with long service life, deep discharge recovery, long service life and excellent performance.

This lithium-ion battery pack has an excellent cycle life: more than 1000 cycles at 80% DOD, no acid (no spillage or leakage problems)

It can run well under different  temperature environment condition

Energy density per weight :80wh/Kg/ Energy density per volume are higher : highly reach 227wh/L

No memory effects.,Suitable for electric bicycle ,electric bike etc.

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