7 Misunderstandings in the Daily Maintenance of Lead-acid Battery

Date:Oct 17, 2020

1. Did not realize or ignore the importance of tightening the pole bolts.

2. No initial charge. (The battery is put into use in the case of low capacity, causing the discharge products produced in the early stage to fail to recover in time, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity)

3. After purchasing the battery, do not install or charge for a long time. (The self-discharge of the battery causes the pbSO4 crystal crystallization to decrease the battery capacity. Our company recommends that the battery should be recharged after storage for more than 6 months)

4. The higher the float voltage, the better. (Single voltage value exceeding 2.25V is already regarded as an overcharge voltage. The consequences will cause the battery to lose water, increase the acid concentration, and accelerate the grid corrosion rate, and the battery capacity decreases and the battery life shortens.)

5. The more frequent equalizing charging, the better. (Generally, the charging voltage value is 2.35V, compared with 2.25V, the charging voltage is higher. The battery is a lean type with limited internal electrolyte, and the charging is high-voltage charging. Frequent charging will increase the internal gas emissions of the battery and increase the water loss , The electrolyte concentration increases, the grid corrosion speed increases, and the battery capacity decreases and the service life shortens)

6. Battery packs of different capacity are used in parallel. (The internal resistance of the battery is different, the capacity cannot be saturated at the same time due to the different current during the recharging process, there are two sets of batteries with overcharge and undercharge; there is the phenomenon of battery resistance mutual discharge during the discharge process)

7. The maintenance-free of VRLA battery means that it does not require maintenance and the maintenance work is not in place.

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