Basic composition and key materials of lithium ion batteries

Date:Jul 02, 2019

The basic composition and key materials of lithium-ion batteries? Lithium-ion batteries are a type of chemical power source. We know that chemical power supplies must have the following conditions in order to achieve energy conversion.

1 The process of redox reaction of the two electrodes constituting the battery must be carried out in two separate regions, which is different from the general redox reaction.

2 When the two electrode actives undergo redox reaction, the required electrons must be transmitted by an external circuit, which is different from the microbattery reaction of the etching process. In order to meet the above conditions, no matter what series, shape and size of the battery, it is composed of the following parts: electrode (active material), electrolyte, diaphragm, adhesive, outer casing; in addition, positive and negative leads, central terminal, Insulation materials, safety valves, PTC (positive temperature control terminals), etc. are also indispensable parts of lithium-ion batteries.

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