Battery installation technical specifications

Date:Apr 16, 2019

1. Before installing lead-acid battery, carefully read the instruction manual and perform visual inspection according to the following requirements:

(1) The battery pack should be free of cracks and damage, and the slot cover should be well sealed;

(2) The positive and negative end columns of the battery must be of correct polarity and should be free from defects such as deformation and leakage;

(3) The battery pack shall have an obvious grouping mark, and the grouping mark shall be recorded on the warranty card when loading the vehicle;

(4) Measure the open circuit voltage of the battery, which should meet the installation requirements;

(5) Connection accessories should be complete.

Second, when eliminating the dirt on the surface of the battery tank, the tank made of synthetic resin should be wiped with aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohol, and other organic solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons, kerosene, and gasoline.

Third, the battery installation requirements

1. The battery should be installed in a place where air is circulated, heat dissipation is good, and the center of gravity is stable;

2. The size of the battery box should meet the requirements for battery installation and operation, and ensure that the distance between any two batteries is greater than 2mm; the battery packs arranged vertically should be fixed between the vertical battery and the battery, and the battery should not be overlapped or pressurized. ;

3. The inside of the battery box should be smooth and smooth, and the upper part should have a through hole to ensure that the combustible gas generated during the charging and discharging process of the battery can smoothly escape. The device that is easy to generate electric spark such as the electric door lock and the insurance seat should be connected with the battery. Isolation to avoid explosions;

4. The battery should be installed upright and should not be inverted. (The battery should be inverted to the battery manufacturer for special instructions. After the manufacturer agrees, it can be installed upside down.) The water can not be accumulated. The battery is installed firmly to ensure that the battery will not move and rub against each other. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent vibration and pressure;

5. The battery is used in groups and must not be confused to ensure the best performance combination of the battery pack;

6. The battery is used in series, that is, the positive pole of one battery is connected to the negative pole of the other battery, and all the batteries are connected together. Finally, the remaining positive and negative terminals are connected with the corresponding wiring of the electric vehicle (specially connected battery needs) Special instructions to the battery manufacturer, after the manufacturer agrees). The battery pack is used for connecting the positive and negative lead wires of the entire battery, and the tap is not allowed to be used;

7. The connection diameter of the battery must comply with the relevant electrical installation regulations. The connection between the battery and the wire should be welded or bolted. The connection must be firm. The terminal and the sealing part must not be damaged during the welding operation. The connection line is not allowed to overlap or overlap. And the phenomenon of being squeezed;

8. When the battery is installed, first disconnect the electric vehicle door lock to prevent the fire from causing explosion when wiring;

9. Install tools used, etc., and take insulation measures. At the same time, wear insulated gloves and remove the metal-containing conductors such as watches, bracelets, bracelets, rings, etc. on the wrist to prevent electric shock and short circuit between positive and negative poles.

10. After the installation is completed, the total voltage and positive and negative poles of the battery pack should be carefully checked before the battery pack is turned on to ensure proper installation.

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