Chaowei Battery: These five points can make your electric car battery live for two years!

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Just like the relationship between people and the heart, the battery is the heart of the electric car, providing its forward momentum, so for electric car users, how to maintain the battery is particularly important. In order to save battery life, here are 5 simple Superpower battery maintenance tips.

Chaowei battery tells you to remember 5 points, let your electric car battery reuse for two years

1, The battery should be installed firmly

When the battery is installed in the vehicle, it should be installed securely. Remember that the battery has room to sway during installation and is not allowed to throw, roll or repress.

2, Keep the battery clean

Some users do not keep the battery clean, which will cause the battery to self-discharge, so the battery must be kept clean and not wet.

3, Let the battery fully charged

The first choice for the battery charger is to match the battery. The second option is to keep the battery's charge. Even if it is not used for a long time, it needs to be charged periodically.

4, The battery does not discharge

Over-discharge of the battery is likely to cause serious loss of battery power, which seriously affects the battery life. It is a good habit to develop a shallow charge.

5, Do not overcharge the battery

When the charger stops charging for 6-8 hours, it cannot be charged for one day or longer. Excessive charging can cause the active material on the board to harden and fall off, thus shortening the service life.

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