Combination of trolley and electric scooter, mimo-c1

Date:Feb 18, 2021

When a variety of new electric vehicles are widely used as commuting tools for daily travel, there will be evolution for different needs, in which the freight capacity is a very real demand.

As we have mentioned not long ago, with the popularity of e-bikes in Europe, cargo E-bike, which aims at the demand of carrying goods and travelling, has emerged.

And more long ago, we also reported on the exhibition that the modified bracket of balance car for loading purpose.

Recently, we found a team from Singapore to design the cargo folding electric scooter MIMO C1.

It can be folded, battery support disassembly, full battery life in 15 ~ 25 km, the highest speed of 25 km.

The bottom is equipped with a universal wheel, which can turn flexibly when carrying goods, which is equivalent to the combination of trolley and scooter.

Compared with cargo bike, MIMO is more compact and flexible with smaller turning radius

The loading rack of MIMO C1 supports replacement, and users can choose to carry different loading modules to cope with different use scenarios.

The MIMO C1 body supports riders up to 120 kg with a maximum cargo weight of 70 kg. That is, the maximum load of the whole vehicle is 190 kg.




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