Correct use and maintenance of the battery

Date:Jul 30, 2019

1. Check if the fixing bolt of the battery on the bracket is tight. If the installation is not secure, the housing will be damaged due to the running vibration. Also, do not place metal objects on the battery to prevent short circuits.

2. Always check if the pole and terminal are connected reliably. To prevent oxidation of the terminal, a protective agent such as petroleum jelly can be applied.

3. It is not possible to check the battery's power by direct ignition (short-circuit test). This will cause damage to the battery.

4, ordinary lead-acid batteries should pay attention to the regular addition of distilled water. The dry charge battery should be properly charged before use. As for the maintenance-free battery that can be added with water, it is not impossible to maintain proper inspection. If necessary, supplement the distilled water to help extend the service life.

5. The air holes on the battery cover should be unobstructed. When the battery is charged, a large amount of air bubbles will be generated. If the vent hole is blocked, the gas cannot escape. When the pressure is increased to a certain extent, the battery case will burst.

6, There is often a yellow-white paste around the battery pole and cover, which is caused by sulfuric acid corrosion of the column, line card, fixed frame and so on. The resistance of these substances is very large and should be removed in time.

7. When the two batteries need to be used in series, the capacity of the battery is preferably equal. Otherwise it will affect the battery 

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