Does the large battery capacity of an electric car represent the long battery life?

Date:Mar 28, 2019

The most important concern for electric vehicles is the cruising problem. The battery life determines the distance that the vehicle can travel. The greater the capacity density of the battery, the more power it stores, and the relative mileage of the vehicle. Will increase. The vehicle runs farther, and the battery is like an electric car, just like the fuel tank of a traditional fuel car. The fuel tank is big, there are more fuels, and it goes naturally farther.

Of course, the battery capacity is large, and the value of the cruising range can only be used for reference. The actual battery capacity will also fluctuate with the vehicle in the process of use. The driving style, the weather is warm and cold, and the number of electric equipment is turned on can affect the factors. . At the same time, it also directly affects the cruising range of the vehicle.

In addition to the performance and quality of the battery itself, it is also an important factor affecting the cruising range of electric vehicles. According to research, under the hot weather conditions, the mileage of pure electric vehicles will drop by 35% compared with the cool weather; in cold weather conditions, it will drop by as much as 57%, which is less than half of the normal mileage.

From the battery capacity of the vehicle, the hybrid is the most ideal new energy vehicle solution on the surface.


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