E-bike speed is slow, can you add batteries? Chaowei warning: No

Date:Aug 19, 2020

A little friend recently bought an electric bicycle, but I always feel that the speed of the new car is too slow. It is said on the Internet that the speed of the electric car can be increased by adding battery pressure. Is this feasible? Chaowei warning: This is not advisable.

Battery box size limit, unable to add new battery

Before leaving the factory, the size of the battery box is carefully designed to ensure that the battery will not leak due to shaking. For example, the battery of 48V electric bicycle is composed of four 12V small batteries, and the battery box can only hold four small batteries, so it is impossible to add new batteries.

Adding batteries without permission will cause damage to electric vehicles

All parts of the electric vehicle are designed together. Adding batteries will increase the voltage, which may burn out the motor or controller and cause damage to the electric vehicle. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to replace the motor and controller to make them match and the cost is high.

Adding batteries without permission increases the safety risk of electric bicycles

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