Electric car battery model, will you recognize it?

Date:Mar 28, 2019

Many people have changed the electric car battery but don't know what type of electric car battery is. The global electric car network will analyze it for you. I hope you can gain something.

First, the battery model classification, the general electric vehicle battery: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 64V four, of which 36V and 48V are the most common.

36V commonly used: 36V10AH, 36V12AH two, individual also useful 36V14AH, 36V17AH, 36V20AH.

Commonly used for 48V are: 48V10AH, 48V12AH, 48V14AH, 48V17AH, 48V20AH.

Individuals are also useful: 48V15AH, 48V16AH, 48V18AH, 48V22AH, 48V24AH.

So how do you know what type of electric car battery is it? There are generally two ways. The first method is the lazy method, which is to look at the output current of the charger. You can know what type of battery by comparing the following parameters:

Tip, look at the charger: output voltage **V DC **A

36V is: output voltage 36V--42V DC**A

If it is 1.5A, it is 10AH.

If it is 1.6A, then it is 12AH.

48V is: output voltage 48V--59V DC**A

If it is 1.7A, it is 48V10AH

If it is 1.8A, it is 48V12AH

If it is 2.0A, it is 48V14AH

If it is 2.3A, it is 48V17AH

If it is 2.5A, it is 48V20AH

The first method sometimes doesn't work, because some of the poor chargers don't specify these parameters at all, so you have to use the second method. The simplest, most direct and most practical method is to open the battery compartment. There are a few batteries, if it is three, then it is generally 36V, electric car users pay attention, your three batteries are not necessarily 36V, it may be 48V, you have to look at the battery written on it Is 12V or 16V, if it is 12V, then three is 36V, if it is 16V, then three is 48V.

Ibid. If it is 4 blocks, it is usually 48V. Of course, it should be distinguished. It is only 12V or 16V. If it is only 12V, it is 48V. If it is 16V, it is 64V. If it is 5 Block, then it is 60V.

The voltage is determined, and then the capacity is determined. If the battery is written with 6-DZM-10, then it is 10AH, if it is 6-DZM-12, then it is 12AH, and so on.

Of course: there are also some small manufacturers with the phenomenon of virtual standard, for example: 6-DZM-14, he is actually the national standard 10-12AH, 6-DZM-20, he is actually the national standard 17AH, so I suggest that when you buy the battery, Choose a regular battery manufacturer.

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