Electric vehicle charger purchase considerations

Date:Mar 29, 2019

Nowadays, more and more people are riding electric cars to go to work or travel, and because of their convenience and economy, they are loved by the general public. The popularity of electric vehicles is better than that of bicycles in the past. Therefore, the quality of the peripheral parts of electric vehicles is also the most concerned by electric vehicle owners.

The electric car charger is the basic configuration of the electric car. However, due to the carelessness of the people, or the lack of attention, the charger has become an electric vehicle accessory with a high frequency of exchange. Xiao Bian found that some citizens often do not know the basic problems of their electric vehicle voltage V, battery capacity AH when purchasing chargers, and there is a blind spot in the charger knowledge.

The industry believes that the use of the charger is directly related to the life and cruising range of the electric vehicle battery. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to understand the basic knowledge of the charger, in order to better maintain the battery of the electric vehicle and extend the battery life. Now, Xiaobian has compiled the precautions for the purchase of electric vehicle chargers, hoping to help you redeem the chargers that match your own electric vehicles.

1.Determine the battery voltage V of your electric vehicle or the output voltage of the original charger. Look at the battery judgment voltage: There are several batteries in the general battery pack. The model number is 6-DZM-12/20, which is 6, indicating that each battery is 12V. So, you see that your own electric car has several batteries, and the four batteries are 48V. For the 8-DZM-12/20 battery, each battery is 16V, and the four batteries are 64V.

2.Determine the battery capacity AH of your electric vehicle battery or the output current of the original charger. 1 Look at the original charger to determine the capacity: the original charger output current is 1.8A, the battery is 12AH. 2 look at the battery judgment voltage: the battery inside the battery box has a write model, such as 6-DZM-12, 12 indicates that the battery is 12AH, 6-DZM-20, 20 indicates that the battery is 20AH. 3 According to the mileage of charging once run: Generally speaking, the battery of 1 year or so is full of 25-40 kilometers, and the charger of 12AH is more suitable. Running 45-60 kilometers, 20AH is more suitable.

3.Determine the shape of the charger interface for your electric vehicle. There are four kinds of interfaces on the market, such as T-type heads, three-vertical heads, medium-horizon heads, and round heads.

4.It is to purchase a regular brand charger that complies with national regulations. In general, there are four reasons for battery damage: water loss, vulcanization, imbalance, and thermal runaway (filling drums). The first two items accounted for almost 97% of the market's battery damage. The charging mode is different, and the water loss is different. Therefore, it is guaranteed to choose a well-known brand charger that passes the national test.


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