Electric vehicles will be cheaper in the future. If there is salt, there will be car batteries

Date:Aug 20, 2020

Lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are expensive. Lithium is a very rare element, which is one of the reasons why electric vehicles are difficult to popularize.

Now battery technology is expected to achieve a breakthrough! Future electric vehicles may be able to replace lithium batteries with low-cost sodium ions.

The cost of sodium ion battery will be very low. This sodium ion is the chemical composition of salt, and the chemical structure of salt is sodium chloride.

The fundamental reason why electric vehicles are expensive

Electric vehicles can help global climate protection. However, for many years, car manufacturers have used rare and relatively expensive lithium in battery technology, which has slowed down the pace of large-scale popularization of electric vehicles in the world.

The metal element lithium is rare and expensive, but most of the current battery technology uses lithium battery. The following figure shows the top lithium resource reserves in 2019. It can be seen that lithium is very rare and mainly distributed in a limited number of countries, such as Bolivia, Chile and Argentina in South America, Australia and China, which are rich in various minerals.

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