General considerations for electric vehicle chargers

Date:May 27, 2019

(1) 48V new battery requires charger parameters, the highest voltage is 58.5-59.7, not less than 58V, less than 58V causes insufficient charging, higher than 59.7V may cause charging does not turn the light. The lamp current is about 0.4-0.7A, and the actual voltage is about 55.5V. If it is lower than 50V, it will cause insufficient charging. This will cause the battery to lose power for a long time.

(2) 48V20Ah battery requires a maximum current of 2.4-3.3A, lower than 2.2A, slow charging, poor charging effect, and damage to the battery.

(3) The actual power of the charger that sells only 40, 50 yuan in the market is smaller than the marked one, the parameter design is not accurate, and the safety hazard is large, and the high standard is more reliable.

(4) The charger voltage regulator circuit will cause the output voltage to be 75-130V, and the rechargeable battery will be hot and will not turn the light. A quality charger will effectively alleviate this type of problem.

(5) When the new battery appears 20A battery life mileage is less than 30 kilometers 12A battery is less than 25 kilometers, please check the charger parameters, if you can not judge, please replace the high quality charger and use high-end products to solve the problem.

(6) When the new battery encounters no light, replace another high quality charger test machine.

(7) Under normal circumstances, the new battery life of 48V20Ah is 40-60 kilometers. The charging time of 48V12Ah new battery is generally within 10 hours, and the mileage reaches 25-40 kilometers. If the normal charging time exceeds the above, please replace the quality charger and use it again.

(8) There are many internal circuits of the charger, and the input and output connections are aging, which may cause charging and sometimes charging. Seriously affect the battery, or the circuit fails during charging, resulting in a drum pack. If this happens, please replace the charger and use it again.

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