Global lithium battery faces the risk of outage

Date:Apr 24, 2020

According to foreign media reports, Benchmark Minonal Intelligence, a professional information provider in the lithium-ion battery industry, has recently released a report showing that the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has led to a slowdown in the logistics of the entire lithium-ion battery supply chain and has endangered all parts of the world Production and use.

Among them, Australia, as an important producer of lithium, requires members of the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies to pay strict attention to intercontinental travel restrictions; in South America, Chile has implemented a national ban, parts of Santiago are in isolation, and Argentina has implemented isolation measures nationwide; In Africa, the supply of cobalt has been interrupted due to the closure of South Africa ’s borders and ports, and the implementation of the segregation policy of the raw material cobalt producer Congo.

So far, although there hasn't been much news about a major supply shortage of battery raw materials or anode and cathode materials, according to Benchmark's data, this is mainly due to the oversupply of the industry in 2019, which just eliminated part of the inventory during this time. . However, due to transportation restrictions and lagging logistics, people in the global battery industry chain are worried about the supply of raw materials and the ability to deliver finished products to customers.

From an upstream perspective, Albemarle, a well-known American lithium producer, said that the epidemic had a major impact on the company's finances. It is expected that profits in the first quarter will fall by 20% to 25% year-on-year last year, and by 15% to 20% in the first half It is largely related to the logistics restrictions during the epidemic.

Industry insiders who focus on mining and energy research believe that global logistics will slow down with the epidemic, and the company may consider how to tighten the supply chain to obtain parts from closer places. At the same time, automakers' localization of battery manufacturing and localization of electric vehicle assembly will accelerate, and these will "change the game rules of international logistics."

The anxiety of companies in the battery industry chain does not stop at the single industry they are in. These companies and individuals have enhanced their insights into the electric vehicle, battery storage, consumer technology industry, and long-distance transportation during and after the epidemic.

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