GM drives new energy

Date:Aug 20, 2020

At the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, GM put forward the future traffic imagination of "direct to 2030", and planned a forward-looking technical route for the Chinese market. In the past 10 years, General Motors has built a solid foundation by establishing the leading scale of Internet of vehicles service, highly localized R & D capability and supply chain system in China. In the next five years, GM will invest more than $20 billion in the field of electric vehicles and automatic driving, focusing on the fields of electrification, intelligent driving and Internet of vehicles technology, so as to accelerate "zero accident and zero platoon" Realize the vision of "free and zero congestion".

Analysis of lyriq official map of Cadillac

Electrification: ultium battery system and the third generation global electric vehicle platform

In March, General Motors launched a new ultium battery system and a third-generation global electric vehicle platform. The ultium battery system adopts a highly modular design with flexible layout, which can adapt to a variety of vehicle models. The modular electric vehicle platform based on ultium battery system is the third generation global electric vehicle platform of general motors. The platform can provide the electric vehicle with a range of up to 650km, the fastest acceleration of 100 km in 3S, and a variety of driving modes. At present, GM has more than 500 traditional internal combustion engine power combinations, but in the future, only 19 electric drive combinations are needed to support all electric vehicle products.

In addition to the newly released Cadillac lyriq, the first batch of vehicles to adopt the new platform and ultium battery system includes a D-class flagship car called celestiq and a full-size SUV with three rows of seats, which will probably be imported into China in the form of imports.

Ultium battery system and the third generation of global electric vehicle platform will soon enter China, and some localization changes are possible. The ultium battery system can support both square cells and soft package cells. In overseas markets, soft package cells are the mainstream. However, domestic battery manufacturers have more research on square cells, so it is not ruled out to use square cells after domestic production. The completed models include a pure electric car and a pure electric SUV under Buick brand, and a pure electric SUV under the Chevrolet brand. In addition, in the next five years, more than 40% of GM's new models in China will be new energy vehicles. These new energy vehicles will be produced in China and almost all parts will be purchased locally.

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