High Quality Deep Cycle Battery for Various Motive Power Applications

Date:Mar 06, 2021

? Valve Regulated (Sealed) Construction

valve regulated AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) rechargeable lead acid batteries are for safe, maintenance free operation in Vertical or Horizontal position.

The acid is suspended in a specially formulated non-woven glass mat separator. All the acid is absorbed in this manner and it provides a safe leak proof & non-spill able battery.

? Gas Recombination System

The gasses generated in the normal charge / discharge use of the battery are recombined during normal operation. In normal operation, more than 99% of the gases generated 

are efficiently recombined.

? Maintenance Free

The Battery has been designed and built such that no addition of electrolyte is needed for the life of the battery. There is no need to add water or take specific gravity readings.

? Battery Life - Float Service

it is designed for float (Standby) service with design life of 20+ years at 25oC (77oF).

? Battery Life - Cycle Service

it is designed for more than 4000 charge / discharge cycles @ 30%DOD, actual cycle times will depend on the Depth of Discharge (D.O.D.).

? Safety Valve

If excess pressure builds up within the battery, the safety valve automatically opens and re-closes, releasing the gas at 3-10 PSI. The valve does not allow the ingress of oxygen 

which is harmful and reduces the life expectation of the battery.

? Temperature Range for Normal Operation

it has a wide operating temperature range: -40°C (-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F) . However for maxi-mum life and safety, continuous operation over 45oC is not 

recommended. Grid Design and Paste Formation

? Grid Design and Paste Formation

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