How do you see the battery of the gas meter has no electricity?

Date:Jul 02, 2019

The gas meter mentioned here refers to the gas meter. If the gas meter in the house suddenly makes a sound, but the fire meter does not catch fire, the gas meter shows that the margin is also sufficient. This should be the battery of the gas meter is dead. How do you usually determine if the gas meter battery has electricity? How to replace the battery in the gas meter? The following small series invites professionals to introduce in detail.

Gas meter replacement battery.

See if the gas meter battery has electricity.

The gas meter is usually equipped with four AA batteries, and the service period is from three months to six months. Replacing the gas meter battery is not dangerous and residents can replace it themselves. When the battery voltage is too low, the gas meter will sound and light alarm prompts to replace the battery. If the battery is not replaced in time, the gas meter will alarm again in a short time and automatically close the valve and shut off the gas.

The replacement battery light is the first digital light from the left side of the gas meter. When the battery voltage is too low, the “change battery” light flashes, and with the sound prompt, the battery replacement should be purchased in time. When the battery voltage is too low to work properly, the valve will automatically close, and the “replace battery” light will flash. With the sound prompt, the battery must be replaced after the qualified battery is replaced and the valve can be opened.

Gas meter replacement method.

Open the battery compartment door of the gas meter, remove the old battery, and install the new battery according to the polarity indication next to the battery compartment door, close the battery compartment door, and insert the IC card to open the valve, the gas meter can be used normally. Because each gas meter model is different, the battery needs to be judged according to the specific model of the gas meter, which may be at the top, bottom or bottom of the gas meter. The battery cover of the gas meter can be pushed open, and you can check it carefully when you change your friend.

Pay attention to check the gas meter battery regularly.

The battery has different time depending on the power. Therefore, check the battery used in the gas meter regularly and check if the battery has fluid. Once the battery flows, it will cause the spring inside the battery case to corrode, resulting in power failure, low electricity, no reaction of the gas meter and closing of the valve. Generally, it is checked every two months. If the gas is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed, which can prevent the battery flow from corroding the battery box spring piece and prevent the gas meter from self-locking.

Pay attention to the gas meter always ringing.

When the gas meter keeps ringing and shows L0, the gas meter needs to be replaced. No gas or arrears is just a gas cut, the gas meter will not be abnormal. In addition, when the word on the gas meter goes to an integer, it will ring, which is a reminder that the gas meter is not broken. Another possibility is that the gas reserves are low, and the gas is not recharged

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