How many kilometers can a 20ah lithium battery run?

Date:Jun 28, 2019

Electric vehicles are divided into electric and electric motorcycles. The mileage of electric vehicles is determined according to the capacity of the battery pack. According to the new car, 48V12A can run for about 40 kilometers, about 48 kilometers for 48V20A and 64V12A, about 90 kilometers for 60V20A and 64V20A, and about 120 kilometers for 72V20A: about 40 kilometers for 48V20A of electric motorcycle, about 55 kilometers for 60V20A for 64V20A and 72V20A for 64V20A for 64V20A. It is only 70 kilometers. The electric motor is usually a 350W controller and a 350W motor. The bigger the battery power, the bigger the car moves and the less the running distance.

The electric motorcycle's 48V20A is about 40 kilometers, 60V20A and 64V20A are about 55 kilometers, and the 72V20A is only 70 kilometers. The electric motor is generally 350W controller and 350W motor. The bigger the battery power, the bigger the car is. The less the distance traveled.

At present, the lithium battery has a complicated process due to cost, and the manufacturing cost is relatively high. Therefore, the lithium battery of the same capacity is much more expensive than the lead acid battery.

Now lithium battery feels better than lead-acid battery, and it is repeatedly charged in battery performance attenuation. Lithium battery also has obvious advantages. Basically, this is also unmatched by lead-acid batteries.

How many kilometers can you ride mainly depends on the power of your motor and the capacity of the battery. The farther the battery is, 

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