How to choose the battery of electric forklift?

Date:Mar 29, 2019

How to choose a good electric forklift battery

1: There are many battery manufacturers on the market, but because of the different strengths of scale technology research and development, the quality of batteries is also different. Therefore, the selection of electric forklift batteries must choose some well-known brands with good domestic reputation.

2: When purchasing the electric forklift battery, prevent the bad manufacturers from mixing the beads and labeling the miscellaneous products with the brand name. Therefore, you must see clearly when purchasing, not only the logo, the production date of the warranty card and the serial number of the product are complete, preferably with Manufacturers check to prevent being cheated.

3: Pay attention to the power matching, and usually choose the appropriate battery according to the use of the forklift. In particular, be careful not to choose a low-power battery for use on a high-powered forklift, which will lead to a safety accident. Seriously, the battery will be scrapped.

Electric forklift battery maintenance method

Electric forklift battery maintenance method 1: use habits, as an electric forklift battery product in the use process should pay attention to the start of the operation, do not immediately put into work, because the voltage and current have a large instantaneous value when starting, if it is easy to use immediately Causes the phenomenon of current breakdown.

Electric forklift battery maintenance method 2: Forklifts as construction machinery vehicles often have to carry out large-scale work, vibration shaking is inevitable, so we should pay attention when carrying out work, check whether the battery rack word is firm before driving. Whether the screws are loose to prevent the battery from being damaged due to loose battery during operation.

Electric forklift battery maintenance method 3: When charging the battery daily, remember to charge the best speed after full charge, because the battery is charged for a long time, it will shorten

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