How to deal with electric vehicle batteries that have entered the water?

Date:Apr 18, 2019

First, wait for the battery to dry and then recharge it.

Nowadays, most manufacturers have done a lot of waterproof design on their own electric vehicles, so it is not a big problem to get wet in the electric car. However, this does not mean that the electric car of the big guy is raining. You can walk through the water at will. Xiaowei teacher specially reminded that after raining, after the electric car is wet, don't charge the electric car right away. Be sure to dry the electric car battery and then recharge it to prevent accidents.

Second, the implementation of the water section.

It is inevitable that there will be a section of water in the rainy days. Don't be reluctant to encounter the water section. Don't be afraid of soaking the shoes and socks. It is best to get off the bus. Because the resistance of water is very large, if the electric vehicle is wading, it is easy to lose balance and cause loss of control. In case of encountering the manhole cover opened by the water flow, it will be particularly dangerous. Therefore, if the big guy encounters a water-storage section on a rainy day, it is best to choose to get off the bus to ensure safety.

Third, enhance the waterproof effect of the controller.

When the electric vehicle is soaked in rainwater, it will cause the electric vehicle controller to enter the water, which will easily cause the motor to reverse. Xiaowei teacher suggested that the electric vehicle controller can be taken down, the water inside can be dried, and then blown dry with a hair dryer and reinstalled. In addition, after the controller is installed, the controller can be wrapped with plastic to enhance the waterproof effect of the controller.

Fourth, timely maintenance inspection.

Brother, if your electric car battery is in serious water, and you don't know much about electric car, Xiaowei teacher suggests that you go to a professional electric car repair point and ask the maintenance technician to check and repair the electric car.

When the electric vehicle enters the water, the motor, battery and controller may be affected, causing damage to the electric vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to ride the electric vehicle as little as possible on rainy days. Usually, do not park the electric vehicle in an open place. If there is no way, pay more attention to the cover to prevent the electric vehicle from entering the water on rainy days.

The above method,have you gotten it?

Solved the problem of water intake in electric vehicles,then you can take a ride with peace of mind.

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