How to disassemble the motherboard battery

Date:Sep 21, 2019

1. First purchase a new motherboard BIOS battery, pay attention to the same model as the battery on your computer. If your machine is a brand machine and is under warranty, you can contact customer service for replacement. Please do not open the case by yourself. Otherwise, the warranty will be canceled. If the compatible machine (assembly machine) can be disassembled, perform the following operations.

2. Turn off the power of the computer and remove all the wires plugged into the chassis and other related equipment.

3. Place the chassis flat on the table, use a Phillips screwdriver to open the screws on the computer case, open the cover of the case, and place the cover on the side.

4. to eliminate static electricity, you can touch the metal things before touching the computer hardware to prevent static damage to the hardware.

5. After the computer case is opened, you can see the battery on the motherboard. It is generally round and has a diameter of about 1.5-2.0CM. First take out the battery, the battery holder of each type of motherboard is not the same, so the battery is also slightly different.

6. Use a small screwdriver to top a small clip next to the motherboard battery, then the end of the battery will be tilted up and you can take it out. However, some motherboard batteries are directly stuck inside, there is no place to open the clip, then you need to use a screwdriver to directly pull out the battery.

7. After removing the battery, put the prepared new battery into the battery holder as it is, and press the battery in and out. Be careful not to rectify the battery and install it firmly, otherwise,the battery may be installed. Will fail or not work.

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