How to extend the life of electric bicycle battery

Date:Oct 06, 2019

First of all, we must know that the number of times the battery is charged is limited, and it is used once less, so try not to charge and discharge frequently. Do not charge more than 25% of the remaining charge. Do not overcharge while charging. It is usually best to charge the battery for ten hours, and the maximum length is no more than 12 hours. In addition, the battery is also required for the charger. Try not to change the charger frequently. The power of the charger should match the battery. Remember, don't over discharge the battery. If the battery power loss is caused, the battery life will be greatly shortened, and the battery will be scrapped.

If the electric bicycle is equipped with a lead-acid battery, remember to try not to expose the electric bicycle to the outdoors. Because the low temperature will have a certain impact on the battery, and it is recommended to let the professional replenish the electrolyte every six months, so that the battery can make full use of the two-pole discharge. And can extend the life of the battery.

At the same time, we must pay attention to our own riding habits. Be careful when riding, don't speed up in an instant, and accelerate slowly. Be especially careful when climbing and loading. Instantaneous acceleration can put a heavy burden on the battery. A large amount of current is released in a moment, causing certain damage to the battery. In short, the temperature has a great influence on the life time of the electric bicycle. If you have a friend, you can put the electric bicycle in the garage or the house to charge, so as not to affect the riding experience of the next day. Especially in the rain and snow weather, we must pay attention. The battery is more afraid of water, and it is best to charge it in a dry and ventilated environment. This is safe, you can fully charge the battery, and can extend the battery life, why not?

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