How to judge the quality of the electric vehicle battery

Date:Jul 12, 2019

Electric vehicle batteries are the source of power on electric vehicles, so the quality of batteries is crucial for electric vehicles. There are two ways to identify the quality of an electric car battery:

1. Judging the old and new battery by the external packaging of the battery: (1) Check whether the outer packaging is damaged or has been disassembled.(2) Check the appearance of the battery itself, and observe whether there is a scratch and a positive and negative terminal. Whether the location has rust phenomenon; (3) Check whether there is anti-counterfeit label on the battery casing, whether the production date is relatively long, whether the relevant information mark of the manufacturer is complete, and whether the writing is clear and complete. If the external packaging of the battery is 1 point or more, consider that the battery is an old battery and the quality may be problematic.

2. Detecting the advantages and disadvantages of the battery during the trial process - installing the battery that has just been fully charged to the electric vehicle, starting the electric vehicle power supply, suddenly accelerating the electric vehicle during driving, and observing the change of the power meter pointer: (1) Accelerate the riding process, the pointer of the electricity meter appears only less than half a grid, then the battery is judged to be brand new or better performance; (2) the pointer of the electricity meter appears to fall 1 grid or even 2 grids during the acceleration of riding In the case, it is judged that the battery is old battery or the quality is poor; (3) when the pointer of the electricity meter appears to fall 3 or even 4 grids during the riding process, it is judged that the battery is faked by the scrapped battery and the new battery is counterfeited. The quality of the products is extremely poor.

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