How to prevent the electric vehicle battery from discharging itself?

Date:May 11, 2019

In the use of electric vehicle batteries, in addition to normal use and abnormal power consumption, there is also a discharge method, which is very small, so it is often ignored by everyone, but the harm caused by long time is also very big. This way is to discharge itself. In fact, many users have feelings. Sometimes, they are fully charged. However, after a week of being placed, the original full battery has become less than 100%. It is thought that there is a problem with the battery, but it is not.

This self-discharge is a normal phenomenon in all electric vehicle batteries. Normally, the battery will automatically discharge one to two percent of the electricity every day. After a long time, all the electricity will be discharged. A battery that is placed for one month will have a charge of only half. The reason why the electric vehicle battery will discharge is mainly due to the following reasons:

First, the storage time is too long

This is normal consumption, so there is no need to worry about it. After the battery is placed for a long time, it will discharge due to changes in electrical decryption.

Second, the electrolyte is impure and contains impurities.

The electrolytes in the electric vehicle batteries produced by regular manufacturers are very pure and basically contain no impurities, so the discharge is very slow and within the normal range. The discharge speed of some electric vehicle batteries is very fast. The main reason is that the electrolyte is not pure and contains impurities, so a certain potential difference is formed, which causes the battery to be short-circuited and the power is consumed.

Third, there is a bridge or short circuit outside the battery

According to the professional introduction, when the wire drawn from the battery forms a bridge with the external body, or when there are wires, wrenches, etc. on the battery, it is easy to form a positive and negative connection, and a severe discharge occurs. In addition, when there is a spilled electrolyte in the battery casing or the top cover, it will also cause discharge.

So, how to prevent the electric vehicle battery from discharging itself? There are also three methods:

First, strengthen maintenance, timely charging

Like all live items, electric vehicle batteries are also in need of maintenance, and maintenance is not only to extend the life, but also to make the battery better for us. During the maintenance process, pay attention to the cleaning of the battery and check for damage. In addition, after using the battery, if you find that the power is 50%, you should charge it in time. Don't wait until you have no power to remember to charge.

Second, buy high quality batteries

Now, there are many good battery brands in the market, such as the Asahi battery. The brand's Dr. Xu Pai battery has more than 60% of the life of ordinary batteries, more than half a year of warranty time and more than 20% of battery life. In addition, the Asahi battery has multiple series, suitable for different user needs.

Third, take it lightly

The electrolyte in the battery of the electric vehicle is very important. Therefore, it must be handled gently during the moving process to avoid collision and damage to the casing, resulting in electrolyte leakage.

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