How to protect the power lithium-ion battery

Date:May 07, 2020

1. Pay attention to check the gas volume of electric car tires, do not use too much in summer, try to keep enough in other seasons to save electricity;

2. Pay attention to prevent frequent charging when the vehicle is charging, because frequent charging will affect the service life of the power lithium-ion battery pack. If conditions permit, it is better to use slow charging instead of fast charging;

3. When the vehicle's power is close to 20%, it should be charged in time. Do not wait until the battery is fully used up. If the vehicle often continues to run when the power is less than 10%, the vehicle will enter the speed limit state and cause the power lithium-ion battery to over discharge. damage;

4. The vehicle will be fully charged at least once a month during normal use. The battery management system will make timely corrections to the SOC to prevent energy non-feedback or SOC jumps caused by long-term dissatisfied charging;

5. The power lithium battery is strictly prohibited from being in a state of power loss during storage. The longer the idle state is, the heavier the battery damage. Therefore, when the battery is idle, it should be recharged once a month, so as to better maintain the battery health;

6. The external environmental temperature factor also has a great influence on the power lithium-ion battery pack. It is best to charge the vehicle indoors in winter. Do not use flying wire to charge or take the wire yourself to charge, because this has May cause spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.

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