How to restore the best performance of the battery?

Date:Jul 15, 2019

When the Android phone is in use, the system will automatically record the battery power information. When the mobile phone battery is used for a period of time, because of long-term irregular use  (such as unplugged when not fully charged), the battery information recorded by the mobile phone system will gradually deviate. Or the record is incomplete, it is easy to record errors, resulting in the battery is clearly there is power, but the system may automatically shut down by default.

So, how do you let the system re-record the complete battery information, correct the battery, and restore the battery to its best performance?

1. When the phone is turned on normally, fully charge the phone and unplug it.

2. Then turn off the power, plug in the power to continue charging, let the phone fully recharge, and then unplug the power.

3. Turn on the phone and wait for the phone to boot completely after entering the system.

4. Connect the charger at this time and wait for a while to make the phone fully charged.

5. After unplugging the power, you can use it normally.

At this point you will find that the mobile phone life is improved instantly.

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