Is solar thermal power generation the same technology as photovoltaic power generation?

Date:Sep 02, 2019

Solar thermal power generation is a new type of solar power generation. The solar power generation we have previously referred to refers to photovoltaic power generation. This is two different ways.

There are two ways for solar power generation, namely thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation. The operating principle and scope of use are quite different. Solar thermal power generation, also called focused solar thermal power generation, is different from photovoltaic power generation. It collects direct solar light through various physical methods and generates high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which drives steam turbines to generate electricity. According to different heat collection methods, it can be divided into three types: solar trough thermal power generation, solar tower thermal power generation and solar dish thermal power generation.

The difference between solar thermal power generation and photovoltaic power generation

1. The principle of power generation is different from the device. Thermal power generation is driven by a heat collector to generate electricity from a steam turbine. It is a thermal transfer method. The most important component is a collector or device. Photovoltaic power generation uses the photovoltaic effect of a semiconductor to directly convert light energy into electrical energy. The basic components of solar panels are the way to turn light.

2, the scope of use is not the same. The electricity generated by solar thermal power generation has better compatibility with traditional thermoelectricity and hydropower, and is suitable for large-scale development. In addition, thermal power generation is more suitable for areas with good lighting conditions due to higher requirements for lighting conditions. The photovoltaic power generation device is relatively simple, and the requirements for illumination are relatively low, which is more suitable for miniaturization development, and therefore is more suitable for distributed utilization.

3. In the specific application. Photovoltaic power generation has been industrialized, and the use of technology is more mature, suitable for widespread use. The thermal power generation is still mainly in the stage of scientific research and demonstration, and the cost is also at a very high level. It takes time to use it on a large scale.

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