Is the cost of replacing the lithium battery of an electric vehicle high?

Date:Oct 30, 2019

As the heart of an electric car, the battery is related to the cruising range of the vehicle and the experience of the car. For the battery, it costs 30% to 40% of the cost of the vehicle, and the power battery has been criticized for its high price. How much does it cost to replace a battery when it has a drop in power?

According to the battery, the battery life of the battery is 3,000 times as long as the battery life is 3,000 times. According to the battery cycle life, that is, when the battery is completely charged, when the battery is completely dead, Calculate a cycle at the time of charging. Simply put, you use a cycle from 100% to 0%, instead of charging once. The battery life under normal use is about 5 to 8 years. According to the cost of the battery, with the continuous development of the new energy vehicle market and the continuous improvement of battery technology, the price of new energy vehicle power batteries has been declining in recent years. At present, about 1kwh needs about 1100 yuan.

Although the price of the battery is very high, there is no need to panic. According to the warranty of the vehicle battery, according to the warranty of the key parts of the motor, battery and electronic control of the new energy vehicle, it is basically provided at least according to the quality assurance policy. The warranty is 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. Many car companies on the market provide 8 years or 150,000 kilometers of warranty, such as Weimar proposed a lifetime free replacement, BYD battery cell lifetime warranty, and such as GAC Roewe and BAIC, these manufacturers when the battery declines around 20% At the time of the free replacement, so basically for the vehicle's power battery, there is no need to change the battery at its own expense in the normal wear and tear.

Of course, abnormal wear and tear, such as battery damage caused by accidents, chassis, etc., can only be replaced at their own expense. In summary, in terms of replacing the battery cost of new energy vehicles, it is not necessary to worry about the battery cost during the warranty period. Even if the battery needs to be repaired after the insurance, it is cheaper than the maintenance of the fuel vehicle.

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