It takes a long time for an electric car/battery to use it.

Date:Mar 27, 2019

NO! Thousands of bought mobile phones, you know that you can't always charge, you can pull out the plug when you are full, and the battery that you buy hundreds of dollars is the same!

If it is a shallow discharge (the mileage after charging is very short), the battery will soon be full. If it continues to charge, it will overcharge, causing the battery to heat up and reduce the battery life. Therefore, when the battery is discharged at a depth of 60%-70% (two grids of electricity), the charge is optimal. In actual use, it can be converted into a riding mileage, and the necessary charging is performed according to the actual situation to avoid harmful charging.

NO! The battery itself has a high temperature during charging and discharging. If you choose to charge in a high temperature environment, it is easy to cause the battery to charge and reduce the battery life.

When the weather is cold, the battery itself is affected by the temperature, and the mobile phone has a "frozen apple". When the temperature is too low, the effect is not good. In case the rain enters, the danger of short circuit is easy.

NO! The battery has always been at home, no matter how bad it is! I want to try to have an old electric appliance for your parents at home. Even if I haven’t used it at that time, I can’t use it now.

The electric vehicle is placed for a long time, and this will cause the battery to lose power. If it is placed for a long time, the battery plate will be sulfated due to the loss of electricity, which will greatly reduce the battery life and even scrap. Therefore, the correct approach should be to charge every other month, so that you can extend battery life in the long-term use of electric vehicles.

NO! When you are boring and haven't eaten, let you take a hundred pounds of rice to run, can you run?

When the battery is low, continuing to ride will cause the battery to over discharge, which will also accelerate battery drain. Therefore, the correct way is to try to charge first, then continue to ride, which can effectively extend battery life.

All in all, not that the battery has become expensive, but in the process of continuous use, everyone is getting to know the temper of the battery. The self-discipline method will help your battery last longer for you, and also let you spend every time. A penny makes the best use of it.

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