Lithium battery prices and factors affecting lithium battery prices?

Date:Apr 24, 2020

Lithium battery price composition. The price of a lithium battery is mainly composed of three major components: a battery cell, a protective plate, and a housing. At the same time, due to the power consumption and current size of the electric appliance, the material of the connecting piece between the battery cells (conventional nickel , Molded nickel sheet, copper-nickel composite sheet, jumper sheet, etc.) selection will affect the cost, different connectors

Lithium battery price composition

The price of the lithium battery is mainly composed of the three major components of the battery core, the protective plate, and the casing. At the same time, due to the power consumption and current size of the electric appliance, the material of the connecting piece between the battery core (conventional nickel sheet, molded nickel sheet , Copper-nickel composite sheet, jumper, etc.) selection will affect the cost, different connectors (such as aviation plugs, from a dozen yuan to thousands of yuan) may also have a greater impact on the cost, there is Different PACK processes also affect costs.

Factors affecting the price of lithium batteries

1. Selection of batteries:

First, the selection of batteries of different material systems will affect the price of the entire lithium battery. Lithium batteries have lithium manganate (3.6V), lithium cobalt oxide (3.7V / 3.8V), nickel cobalt manganese oxide (commonly known as ternary, 3.6V), and lithium iron phosphate (3.2V) depending on the positive electrode material. , Lithium titanate (2.3V / 2.4V) and other batteries of various material systems, the batteries of different material systems have different voltage platforms, safety factors, number of cycles, energy density ratio, working temperature, etc.

Second, the price of batteries of different brands will also vary greatly. The overall price gradient can be divided into: special batteries (including ultra-low temperature, ultra-high temperature, ultra-high magnification, and special-shaped), Japanese (Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony), South Korea Department (Samsung, LG), domestic (the domestic is divided into first-line (Lishen, BAK, BYD, ATL), second-line, and even can be divided into five-line and six-line), the same material system and different brands of batteries, the price The difference will also be very large, and the quality (safety, consistency, stability) of each brand of batteries from the market's survival of the fittest is basically proportional to the price.

2. Demand and design of lithium battery PCM

PCM design can be divided into: basic protection, communication, BMS

Basic protection: basic protection includes over-charge, over-discharge, over-current and short-circuit protection. Over-temperature protection can be added according to product requirements

Communication: The communication protocol can be divided into I2C, RS485, RS232, CANBUS, HDQ, SMBUS, etc., as well as a simple power display, you can use the fuel gauge to use LED instructions.

BMS: BMS is the first letter abbreviation combination of BATTERYMANAGEMENTSYSTEM, called battery management system, commonly known as battery nanny or battery housekeeper, mainly for intelligent management and maintenance of each battery unit, to prevent battery overcharge and overdischarge, Extend battery life and monitor battery status. Its main functions include: real-time monitoring of battery physical parameters; battery status estimation; online diagnosis and early warning; charge, discharge and precharge control; balance management and thermal management. The secondary system is mostly used in electric vehicle batteries.

3. The demand and design of lithium battery shell

Lithium battery shell design can be divided into: PVC heat seal, plastic, metal

PVC heat sealing: The specific type of shell packaging used outside the battery pack depends mainly on the specific needs of the customer's product. For the packaging method using PVC heat sealing, it is generally suitable for a small number of battery cells and the overall weight is light. (≤2kg) can be used. However, for battery packs with an overall weight of ≥ 1kg, it is necessary to add fixed brackets between the battery cells, and protect them with glass fiber boards before using PVC heat sealing.

Plastic: A plastic case is used, mainly after the different battery packs are shaped, the case involved may need to be opened, and the mold cost is not a small expense. For example, in the early stage of development, the product is not finalized, you can use the prototype shell to proof (the prototype) The strength is not as good as the material strength after opening the mold), the requirements for the material and process of the shell (especially with the three-proof requirements) will also affect the cost.

Metal: The metal shell is also the same as the plastic shell. Before the product is finalized or the quantity is not large, it is recommended to use sheet metal sample preparation. This is mainly because the sample delivery time is short. If the batch is large, it is also recommended to open the mold. If the metal shell has a waterproof grade requirement, it will also greatly affect the cost. There are also special materials (such as titanium alloys) that require a metal shell, and the cost will be higher.

The cost of lithium batteries is mainly composed of batteries, PCM, and structural parts. In addition, the company's PACK, aging, and management costs need to be added. At the same time, due to the technical difficulty of the product, the amount of purchase, and the requirements of the defect rate, the price of lithium batteries will also vary greatly!

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