Low-speed electric vehicles or to upgrade to lithium battery, charging residents welcome development

Date:Apr 20, 2016

PV: from a policy perspective, national market supervision new energy grid to dissolve and full purchase, renewable energy close to dissolve and actively promote market-oriented process, while photovoltaic pro-poor policies bring new momentum to launch for the photovoltaic industry. Current main adverse factors are restricting the development of the industry's most power, featured power not serious companies and distributed PV power station. Featured East Sunrise, transit, broad-minded technology. New energy battery: energy storage market is on the rise, will be included in the renewable energy Thirteen-Five planning, energy policy is rolled out, request key key technical research, developing new energy storage and electric vehicles application mode. We continue to see new energy battery plates. This year, the most promising lead-carbon batteries route, recommended narada, Shengyang shares.
Wind power: wind up wind power remained critical, therefore requests that the steady development of wind power, promote the "three North" area wind power development, encouraged the East wind to speed up development in Central and southern regions. Focused on solving bottleneck of restricts the development of offshore wind power technology and institutional barriers, development of coastal wind power, attention to offshore wind towers long wind energy the night before.


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