Method for repairing lead acid battery

Date:Mar 27, 2019

Lead-acid batteries need to be repaired and maintained when they are used for a certain period of time. In the process, how should we repair the lead-acid batteries? The correct repair method can not only improve the quality of the battery, but also improve the battery life. . The specific repair method is as follows.

1. Re-matching:

After the whole battery is damaged, we often charge and discharge it. In the inspection, 50% of the batteries in a group of batteries are not damaged. The reason is that in the series battery, individual batteries are behind. The function of forming the entire battery is degraded, so that the function of the entire battery is degraded.

2. Hydration:

For the hydration of the lead-acid battery that has been used for about 4 months, the service life of the battery can be prolonged, and the extended time is on average for more than 3 months. It should be noted that after each hydration, the battery is used in an overcharged state. From "quasi-lean liquid" to "lean liquid" state, and this over-charging is beneficial to increase the capacity of lead-acid batteries.

3. Eliminate vulcanization:

Use lead-acid battery repair equipment to eliminate the vulcanization treatment of the battery.

4. Particle generator:

The particle generator is connected in parallel to the battery to repair the battery. This method is also good for the repair of lead-acid batteries, but because of the thorough repair, if there is no over-discharge, the continuous use of electric vehicle lead-acid batteries often eliminates the possibility of battery vulcanization.

In the process of repairing lead-acid batteries, first of all, we need to know where the problem is. The solution for each fault will be different. Then we need to find the correct solution to deal with. I hope that I can help you learn to troubleshoot in the future maintenance and find the right repair method.

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