Mobile power purchase tips

Date:Apr 23, 2020

The quality of No.1 cell is the basis of mobile power

The battery core is the heart of the mobile power supply, just like a car engine, he is the source of all power. Without a strong heart, there is no strong physique, and a car without a reliable engine will be weak and weak-the flat-quality battery is destined to fail to create an excellent mobile power supply. Lithium batteries are divided into cylindrical batteries (18650) and polymer lithium-ion batteries. The latter has a greater energy storage, and its specific energy is three times that of current lithium-ion batteries. It is the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries. Since the solid electrolyte replaces the liquid electrolyte, compared with the liquid lithium ion battery, the polymer lithium ion battery has the advantages of thinning, arbitrary area and shape, and does not cause safety problems such as liquid leakage and combustion explosion. Cylindrical batteries (18650) currently have a low technical content, and the quality varies from 5 yuan to 30 yuan each. One of the common problems of these products is the false high capacity. The nominal capacity of each battery of 2500mAh may actually be less than 2000mAh. Another disadvantage is that it decays quickly. For example: the original nominal 4800mAh, after half a month of normal use, the capacity has decayed to about 60%. The outstanding performance is that the first support time of the power indicator is longer, and the following lights quickly go out. Because everyone generally likes to keep the mobile power supply full, the phenomenon of using capacity attenuation is not easy to be found.

The quality of No.2 circuit is the soul of mobile power

With a good battery cell, it must also have a matching input and output circuit to achieve its function. This is the reason for a good horse and a good saddle. To avoid professional terminology, let us explain the following principles in popular language. First, don't be superstitious and small, the price of reduced size is reduced performance. Because in order to reduce the volume, manufacturers have replaced the poorer performance components. Some people ask, why can't we use smaller components with the same performance? Please turn over and think about it. When designing, if we can make the volume small, why do we have to make it big? It must be that in order to guarantee the performance parameters of certain parameters, larger components must be used.

Second, the output current is sufficient to ensure a sufficient output. The current is too difficult to understand, let's talk about water flow. People who live on the top floor will always complain that the faucet at home is not as big as the water on the first floor, and the current is the same. When the current is low, the charged device will not be full. People will suffer from malnutrition if they are not full for a long time, and the device will be damaged if it is charged for a long time when the current is insufficient.

Third, as you know, driving to wear seat belts, many people find it troublesome, but regret it after the accident. The same is true for the protection circuit. He usually does not work, as if it is not necessary, but in case of emergencies, the protection circuit will immediately help you resist the hazards and avoid equipment failure. Short-circuit protection, over-charge, discharge protection, working temperature monitoring and protection, especially mobile power supplies are available, giving you 360-degree comprehensive protection.

The quality of No.3 shell is the guarantee of a good power supply

In addition to its aesthetic appearance, the outer shell is more important to protect the internal components from damage. The housing of the mobile power supply is especially important. The shell of the special power supply is made of high-strength stamping aluminum alloy material. Such a shell was originally used on a mobile hard disk that is particularly sensitive to collision, so its drop strength can be imagined. The circuit will generate heat during use, and the metal shell is very helpful for heat dissipation. At the same time, if the circuit design is poor, the heat is large, and the metal shell has good heat transfer, it will expose the shortcomings of the circuit. This is the reason why similar products want to use a metal shell and dare not use it.

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