New energy vehicle power battery maintenance

Date:Aug 13, 2019

For the current electric vehicles, the power source comes from the power battery, the battery is the most special and most important part of the electric car, and the details that need attention in maintenance are particularly high.

Correctly master the charging time: During the use process, you should accurately grasp the charging time according to the actual situation, and refer to the usual use frequency and driving mileage to grasp the charging frequency. During normal driving, if the red and yellow lights indicate that the red and yellow lights are on, they should be charged; if only the red light is on, stop running and charge as soon as possible, otherwise the battery will be seriously discharged and the life will be seriously shortened. When the battery is running for a short time, it should be charged. The charging time should not be too long, otherwise it will form excessive charging and make the battery heat. Overcharging, overdischarging, and undercharging can shorten battery life. In general, the average charging time of the battery is about 10 hours. Charging process, such as battery temperature exceeds 65 ° C, should stop charging.

It is best to charge every day: Most chargers charge about 97% to 99% after the indicator light is fully charged. Although the difference of 1% to 3% of the power has almost no effect on the continuation ability, it will form an owe. Accumulation of charge. So when the battery indicator shows that the battery is full, try to charge it for a while. And charging every day can make the battery in a shallow cycle, which is beneficial to extend battery life.

It is forbidden to lose electricity: Loss of electricity means that the battery is not charged in time. The battery is stored in a deficient state. It is prone to sulphation and lead sulphate crystals adhere to the plate, resulting in insufficient charging and reduced battery capacity. The longer the idle state is idle, the more severe the battery is damaged. Therefore, even if the battery is not used, it should be charged once a month, so that the battery can be kept healthy.

It is best not to use large current discharge when using: the 100m acceleration performance of pure electric vehicles can match the sports car, but the electric car should try to avoid stepping on the accelerator when starting, manning and going uphill. Instant high-current discharge will produce lead sulfate crystal. Damage to the physical properties of the battery plates.

Avoid exposure or extreme cold: If the electric vehicle is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, the internal pressure of the battery will increase and the battery will lose water, causing the battery activity to decrease and accelerate aging. However, if the extreme cold temperature also adversely affects the battery's activity, the endurance is reduced.

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