New solar cell technology: glasses charger

Date:Sep 19, 2019

Recently, it is reported that German scientists have developed a translucent colored sunglasses lens that can use solar energy to charge mobile phones.

Similar to ordinary lenses, this lens is only 1.6 mm thick and weighs 6 grams, which is of commercial value. The temple's temple position is embedded with one and two power indicators to display the light intensity and ambient temperature.

In addition, a transparent, lightweight organic solar cell is embedded in the lens, and can be made into different shapes and colors. Because it is lighter and softer than traditional solar cells, it is expected to replace silicon solar cells in the future and be embedded in windows or glass skylights.

Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany say that this solar technology has laid the foundation for humans to further study solar energy, allowing smart solar glasses to self-negatively measure and display sunlight intensity and temperature. In addition, the lenses can generate 200 microwatts of power, respectively, to charge electronic devices such as hearing aids or pedometers.

A researcher who helped develop the solar glasses said that the solar glasses are mechanically flexible and can be applied to areas where traditional photovoltaic cells cannot be used. In the future, such solar cells may also be applied to the construction field, such as glass exterior windows in high-rise buildings, allowing them to convert light energy into electricity through organic solar cells, ensuring that we can also be normal when indoor lighting is low. Work and life.

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