Pure electric car battery maintenance six major considerations

Date:Sep 06, 2019

Everyone can see the words of pure electric vehicles can also intuitively feel that this is not a purely electric car? In fact, it is indeed like this, no oil, only electricity. The biggest difference between pure electric vehicles and traditional vehicles is that the power has changed. The oil circuit has changed the circuit. The battery pack and motor of the pure electric vehicle replace the traditional automobile engine to drive the car. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of pure electric vehicles, it is extremely important to maintain the motor and battery.

Then, what are the specific matters that car owners should pay attention to during daily maintenance? What are the practices?

1, Correctly master the charging time, the general battery charging time is about ten hours, to avoid overcharging. When preparing to travel, you should arrange the charging on the way in advance to avoid the shortage of electricity during driving, so that the battery is over-discharged and the life is seriously shortened.

2, Protect the charger, try to avoid the bumpy vibration of the charger. In order to reduce the cost, the current charger basically does not have a high vibration-resistant design. After many chargers are vibrated, the internal potentiometer will drift, causing the entire parameter to drift, resulting in abnormal charging. Therefore, if you must move the charger, try to pack it with plastic foam. In addition, when charging, ensure the ventilation of the charger, otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger, but also may cause thermal drift and affect the state of charge. This will cause damage to the battery.

3, Charging every day, even if there are not many driving distances, it is recommended to charge every day, so that the battery is in a shallow cycle, the battery life will be extended.

4. Perform a deep discharge on the battery periodically, “Activating the battery.

5. It is strictly forbidden to lose electricity during storage. When the battery is stored in a deficient state, it is prone to sulphation. The lead sulfate crystals adhere to the plate and block the ion channel, resulting in insufficient charging and a decrease in battery capacity. The longer the idle state is idle, the more severe the battery is damaged. Therefore, when the battery is not in use, it should be replenished once a month, which can better maintain the health of the battery.

6, To avoid large current discharge, electric vehicles in the start, manned, uphill, try to avoid slamming acceleration, forming an instant large current discharge. Large current discharges tend to cause the formation of lead sulfate crystals, which impair the physical properties of the battery plates.

Of course, these are just the maintenance of the battery pack. In other respects, like ordinary cars, it needs regular maintenance. The air conditioner filter is replaced every two or two thousand kilometers, and the antifreeze and brake oil are replaced every two or four thousand kilometers. Every time you check the chassis, lights, tires and other regular parts. Since the electric vehicle is driven by a motor, the electric vehicle does not require conventional maintenance such as oil, three filters, belts, etc., and only needs to perform some routine inspections on the driving battery pack and the motor, and keep it clean, thereby showing that the electric vehicle The maintenance is indeed a lot less than the traditional car.

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