Safety measures for solar panels to prevent scratches

Date:Oct 25, 2019

Solar panels are single solar cells that cannot be used directly as a power source. As a power source, several cells must be connected in series, in parallel, and tightly sealed into components. Solar panels (also called solar modules) are a core part of solar power systems and the most important part of solar power systems.

The reason for the scratch of the solar panel: the problem of the raw material itself is not found in the raw material inspection process, and directly enters the production workshop; when the laminated piece is laid on the transmission line, the sharp object on the transmission line causes the back panel to be scratched. The damage caused by the trimming personnel to the backboard during the trimming process.

The impact: the back plate in the main role of the components: moisture, dust, soil, insulation. The solar panel scratched component is greatly reduced in moisture resistance, which accelerates the oxidation of the component, and its insulation performance reduces the safety performance of the component. Increasing the water permeability of the backing plate and the more moisture entering the inside of the module will directly cause the internal circuit to be corroded. If it is used for a long time, the component will lose its power generation performance, and the internal circuit will be destroyed due to serious oxidation, and the life of the component will be cut off.

Precautionary measures: Strengthen the inspection and timely discover the scratches and backplane defects of the solar panels brought by the raw materials. Before each shift begins normal operation, check whether there are sharp objects on the transmission line; when the component laminates are transported on the transmission line To avoid bumping the backplane.

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