Seven points of battery safety precautions

Date:Aug 30, 2019

How to prevent lithium-ion battery safety? Qiu Xinping made the following suggestions:

First of all, the development of a good cathode material, improve its thermal runaway temperature, every 10 degrees increase, can greatly reduce the probability of thermal runaway.

Second, the design of a reasonable structure, the battery's heat dissipation is better.

Third, ensure battery consistency, and increase environmental control during use.

Fourth, the development of more stable electrode materials, electrolyte materials, which is the fundamental solution to the safety of lithium-ion batteries. At present, there are some good technical solutions in this area, both internationally and domestically.

Fifth, we must strengthen the research on battery cooling and thermal management. Some companies may be afraid of heat transfer and heat insulation, and there is a heat dissipation problem in the heat insulation process.

Sixth, reduce internal battery defects in the production process to reduce the chance of a battery safety accident.

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