The cause of the explosion of lithium batteries

Date:Nov 02, 2019

As long as it is a lithium battery, there is a risk of explosion, but this is a small risk probability. But once exploded, the greater the capacity of a lithium battery explosion, the greater the power.

1. Thermal runaway: The danger of lithium batteries exploding is due to a process called "thermal runaway" in the internal reaction of the battery. "Thermal runaway" is an energy positive feedback loop process: elevated temperatures cause the system to heat up, and the system heats up to raise the temperature, which in turn makes the system hotter.

2. The charger and the battery do not match: the general mobile phone has the original charger. A charger of the wrong type is prone to battery accidents. Apple phones only accept the original charger to charge, which greatly reduces the chance of lithium battery self-explosion.

3. Battery short circuit: When the lithium battery of the mobile phone is in a high-temperature state or is subjected to impact, metal friction, etc., the battery may be short-circuited and explode.

4. Long-term overcharge of the battery: Under the condition of long-term charging, overcharge and overcurrent will also lead to high temperature and high pressure, which may cause hidden dangers. Lithium batteries may instantaneously discharge under special conditions of temperature, humidity and poor contact, and generate a large amount of current, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion.

5. The battery is suddenly discharged, generating a large amount of heat, burning the diaphragm, causing a larger short circuit phenomenon, high temperature will decompose the electrolyte into gas, negative carbon and diaphragm paper burning, causing excessive internal pressure, when the lithium battery When the casing cannot withstand this pressure, the battery will explode.

6. The high-temperature adhesive tape wraps the negative ear. When the customer is spot welding on the negative ear, the heat is transferred to the negative ear. If the high-temperature adhesive tape is not attached, the heat on the negative ear will burn the diaphragm, causing an internal short circuit and forming lithium. The battery exploded.

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