The danger of used batteries

Date:Oct 10, 2019

The used batteries contain a large number of heavy metals and electrolyte solutions such as spent acid and waste alkali. If we discard it at will, corrupt batteries will destroy our water sources and erode the crops and land we depend on. Our living environment is facing a huge threat. If a No. 1 battery rots in the ground, its toxic substances can make one square meter of land useless.

Heavy metals exuded from used batteries can cause pollution of water bodies such as rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas, endangering the survival of aquatic organisms and the utilization of water resources, and indirectly threatening human health. Electrolyte solutions such as spent acid and waste alkali may contaminate the land and acidify and salinize the land. This is like a time bomb buried around us. Therefore, the collection and disposal of used batteries is very important, and if not handled properly, it may cause serious damage to the ecological environment and human health.

Discarding used batteries that will not only pollute the environment but also a waste of resources. Some people have calculated an account to calculate 10 billion batteries per year. The annual consumption of 156,000 tons of zinc, 226,000 tons of manganese dioxide, 2,080 tons of copper, 27,000 tons of zinc chloride, and 79,000 tons of ammonium chloride, 4.3 Ten thousand tons of carbon rods. Although advanced technology has given us the right direction, China's battery pollution is still not optimistic.

Summary: The environmental protection background supports the accelerated development of the lithium battery industry. In fact, in the context of environmental protection, the development of the lithium battery industry in recent years has indeed been smooth. In recent years, the rise of energy-saving and new-energy automotive industries has helped the development of the lithium-ion battery industry to a higher level.

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