The following steps can extend the life of the battery

Date:Sep 04, 2019

The following steps can extend the life of the battery

Although the battery can be recharged and recycled, it still has a service life. When it fails, it may not be charged or may no longer work. Therefore, when the battery fails, it must be repaired in time. How can we extend the service life of the battery? The following points can help you.

1. Installation: The battery should be installed firmly on the car to reduce vibration; otherwise, when the car is driving in bumpy road conditions, the battery may be shaken or even fall off, and even damage the car. What is more serious is that the car broke down in the middle.

2. Cable: The battery cable and the live connector need to be checked frequently to ensure that the cable is in good contact with the connector. Otherwise, it may cause an electric spark, which may cause the battery to explode and damage the car.

3. Anti-rust: In addition to checking the installation is firm, also pay attention to the oxides, sulfates, etc. generated by the battery clip. It can be applied with Vaseline after cleaning and scraping the rust to prevent further rust.

4. Cleaning: Keep the outside of the battery clean, often remove dust and dirt from the battery cover and spill the electrolyte to help prevent self-discharge.

5. Sealing glue: After the sealing glue is cracked, it must be repaired in time to maintain the reliability of the battery.

6. Electrolyte level: Maintain normal electrolyte level to ensure stable battery performance.

7. In low temperature climate: When the car enters the low temperature zone, try to avoid the battery completely discharged, and pay attention to observe whether the electrolyte will freeze.

8. Charging: Pay close attention to battery overcharge or long-term loss of power. Over-charging will cause the active material of the plate to harden and fall off, and the loss of electricity will cause the plate to vulcanize. Therefore, the car mainly ensures that the voltage of the regulator cannot be too high or too low.

9. Discharge: The battery will discharge large currents for a long time, which will greatly damage the internal structure of the battery. It is recommended that the owner should not start more than 5 seconds each time. It takes two consecutive starts, and the interval between them is 10-15 seconds.

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