The second point about lithium battery life

Date:Jun 26, 2019

With the imminent implementation date of the new national standard, professionals predict that lithium batteries will usher in a wave of heat. It is well known that lithium batteries have a long or short storage period from the production, distribution and final use of the customer. Under normal circumstances, dealers will make certain stocking according to market conditions, and the lithium element in lithium batteries is the most active element of metal activity. Then the storage and maintenance of lithium batteries should not be underestimated!

02 Chemical decomposition of lithium batteries


The interior of a lithium battery is a complex chemical reaction system consisting mainly of materials such as positive and negative materials, electrolytes and separators. In addition to the main reaction in which lithium ions occur, there are some other side reactions such as decomposition of the electrolyte, dissolution of the active material, and the like. Lithium batteries that have been put on hold for a long time will be affected by the internal balance.

Under normal circumstances, do not mix the battery with metal objects, so as to avoid metal objects touching the positive and negative terminals of the battery, causing short circuit, damage to the battery and even cause danger. Lithium batteries need to be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, away from high temperatures and fire sources, to prevent high temperature and high humidity from affecting the performance of lithium batteries and corroding the surface.

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