The weather is getting warmer. If your electric car is still boring or not far away, you may need to replace battery with a new one!

Date:Mar 11, 2019

Because of its convenience and speed, electric vehicles have become an essential means of transportation for thousands of families.

The battery of an electric car is related to whether the electric car is strong and the endurance ability, so the battery of the electric car is receiving more and more attention, which is also normal.

A strange phenomenon was discovered in winter, that is, the electric car seems to be fully charged, and the electricity is used up every two to three days, especially in the cold northern regions. This situation will be more serious.

According to the technical staff of a battery manufacturer, the reason for this situation in winter electric vehicles is fundamentally a battery problem, which is mainly related to the working principle of the battery.

The most suitable working environment temperature of the battery is about 25 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, the battery can maintain sufficient absorption and endurance.

According to experts, when the temperature is lowered by 5 degrees, the power of the battery will decrease. When the outdoor temperature drops to zero, the battery life will be reduced to the original one-third or more. Therefore, in the cold autumn. In the early spring, it is normal for an electric car to run not far.

Therefore, when the electric vehicle is in an environment with too low temperature, the battery's ability to charge and discharge will be greatly weakened. Many people will be careful when riding the bicycle, so that the vehicle is at a constant speed.

However, when spring comes, the temperature rises, and after the weather gets warmer, the active substances in the battery of the electric vehicle will also be active, the charging and discharging capacity of the battery will return to normal, and the endurance of the car will return to the original level.

If you are at this time, your car is not as far away as winter, then everyone should carefully check the vehicle. You can check the faults of the vehicle from the following aspects:

Reason one: speed limit device

Many vehicles, especially newly purchased vehicles, have limited speed devices. The car does not run fast. It may be that the speed limit line on the car is not cut.

Reason two: motor demagnetization

Frequent overweight and overload will make the motor magnetically weakened and the magnetic steel demagnetize. In addition, in the case of strong vibration, the motor will demagnetize, which will cause the electric train to weaken and the speed will be slower.

Reason three: Turn the problem

If the contact resistance of the plug is too large, the motor speed will be slow and the driving will be slow. At this time, the speed control signal line (green line) voltage of the speed control handle can be detected. When the maximum angle is turned, the voltage of the speed regulation terminal should be 4.2v. If it is less than this voltage, the electrode speed will be slow. At this time, the speed control handle should be replaced.

Reason four: three-speed shift fault

Many electric vehicles are equipped with a three-speed shifting device, which can speed up the commutation frequency through the controller, achieve shifting, and speed the vehicle. Therefore, when there is a problem with the shift switch, the car may not run fast.

Cause five: The controller is faulty

The speed of the motor is determined by the speed of the motor, which in turn depends on the magnitude of the controller current. After all, the current distributed by the controller is not the same. The larger the output current, the faster the speed. Therefore, if the controller has a problem, it may cause the speed of the car to slow down.

Reason six: insufficient tire pressure

Whether the gas in the tire is sufficient or not has a great influence on the riding of the electric vehicle. If the tire gas is insufficient, it will increase the resistance of the electric vehicle, which not only consumes high power, but also affects the speed of the vehicle.

Reason seven: brake failure

If the front brake is not used frequently, the rust often causes the brake rocker arm to be inflexible and difficult to return to, with brake resistance and slowing down. In addition, if the brake pads of the rear wheels fall off or the foreign objects are inside the brakes, the speed will be slowed down. And even if the brakes are not bad, sometimes too tight will rub the wheels, thus reducing the speed.

Then, after the above-mentioned investigation, it is found that the car does not have any problems above, then your car can not run fast, it is very likely that the battery is out of order!

According to some maintenance technicians, under normal circumstances, after the winter, when the temperature rises and the weather is warmer, if the power and cruising range of the electric vehicle are still the same as in winter, then it is basically possible to determine the battery of the electric vehicle. Was damaged before.

According to some electric vehicle practitioners, the price of electric vehicle batteries is relatively high before the Spring Festival. Basically, after the holiday, the price of the battery will drop, and the price will be the lowest in the year!

The price of the small model battery on the two-wheeler is the most obvious; the difference in the price of the large battery used on the tricycle is the biggest - the difference between the price and the price is likely to be between two and three hundred, so it is best that everyone is still in the near future. Replace the battery when the battery price is outside the low point for a while.

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