Three winter battery maintenance tips Let your electric car serve you for a long time

Date:Mar 27, 2019

No matter how good the electric car battery is, there is no limitless use. Even if it is a big brand like Chaowei Battery, the battery life of the electric car is two to three years. The maintenance is better than five years, but this is rarely the case. After all, many people know nothing about the skills of maintaining electric vehicle batteries, and even many people maintain maintenance errors, but reduce the battery life. So, how to maintain the winter electric car battery? Here are three maintenance tips to keep your battery available for you.

Tip one, use the car every day, charge it every day

If you don't use the car every day without such frequent charging, only those who use the car every day, and the distance is not too close. The advantage of charging every day is to ensure that the battery is always fully charged, so that even if it is urgent, there is no need to worry about the power problem. On the contrary, if it is not charged in time, once it is used urgently, over-discharge will inevitably occur, and over-discharge will greatly damage the battery.

Tip 2: Go uphill and do not brake

Many people are riding the electric car uphill, relying entirely on the horsepower of the electric car. Although it is difficult to go up, the process is really anxious, but despite this, there are still many people who are willing to do so, and the most The direct result is damage to the battery. Moreover, the power consumption of the uphill slope is very large, which will increase the output of the battery, thus increasing the burden on the battery. Therefore, it is recommended that the Asahi battery should not do this. When going uphill, you can either push it down or help the car to reduce it. Battery pressure.

In addition, the damage to the battery during the sudden braking is also very large. According to the investigation, the brakes account for a large proportion of the battery damage. Because of the convenient riding, many people will ride the speed of the motorcycle when riding the electric vehicle. In the event of an accident at the intersection or pedestrian accident, the battery will be damaged.

Tip 3, use the configured battery charger

The electric car battery chargers are all configured, and only in this way can the battery be of good quality. However, some people will use other brands of chargers when the charger is broken. This is not absolutely impossible, but the damage to the battery is very large, so it is not recommended. In addition, for many people carrying the battery charger with the car. Behavior, Xu Pai battery does not agree, because carrying the battery is likely to damage the battery charger, thereby indirectly damaging the battery.

Although the electric vehicle battery is only an object, it also has a life span. If you want to use it for a long time and save money, you must maintain it so that you can meet your own needs. Otherwise, you can only change it every year and spend more money. . Instead of spending more money to buy a few, it is better to buy a good one and use it slowly, which is more cost effective.

Chaowei battery is one of the best batteries in China. It not only has an 18-month shelf life, but also has the lowest repair rate. If such a good battery, it is a pity to destroy it, and protect the battery. Spend more time, while saving money and saving money for the family.

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